Chart Positions Attained

As a label manager with more than a decade's experience, I have been involved in the sale of millions of albums and singles. Below is a selection of recordings I have worked on, along with the teams at the respective labels, which have achieved Top 40 chart positions in the U.K..


Thunder, Please Remain Seated (BMG) released 2019 No.8
Bury Tomorrow, Black Flame (Music for Nations) released 2018 No.21
King King Exile & Grace (Manhaton) released 2017 No.31
Thunder Rip It Up (earMUSIC) released 2017 No.3
Joanne Shaw Taylor Wild (Axe Music) released 2016 No.19
Thunder Wonder Days (EarMUSIC) released 2015 No. 9
Joe Bonamassa Different Shades of Blue (Provogue) released 2014 No. 9
The Temperence Movement (S/T) (Earache) released 2013 No.12
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Seesaw (Provogue) released 2013 No.27
Joe Bonamassa An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House (Provogue) released 2013 No.23
Black Country Communion Afterglow (Mascot) released 2012 No.29
Rival Sons Head Down (Earache) released 2012 No.31
Joe Bonamassa Driving Towards The Daylight (Provogue) released 2012 No.2
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Don't Explain (Mascot) released 2011 No.22
Black Country Communion 2 (Mascot) released 2011 No.23
Joe Bonamassa Dust Bowl (Provogue) released 2011 No.12
Black Country Communion (Mascot) S/T released 2011 No. 13
Joe Bonamassa Black Rock (Provogue) released 2010 No. 14
Heaven & Hell The Devil You Know (Roadrunner) released 2009 No. 21
Porcupine Tree The Incident (Roadrunner) released 2009 No.23
Dream Theater Black Clouds and Silver Linings (Roadrunner) released 2009 No. 23
Joe Bonamassa The Ballard Of John Henry (Provogue) released 2009 No. 26
Megadeth Endgame (Roadrunner) released 2009 No.24
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone (Roadrunner) released 2008 No.2
certified Gold
Nickelback Dark Horse (Roadrunner) released 2008 No.4
certified Gold
Black Stone Cherry Folklore and Superstition (Roadrunner) released 2008 No.23
Motorhead Motorizer (SPV) released 2008 No.32
Alice Cooper Along Came A Spider (SPV) released 2008 No. 31
Trivium Shogun (Roadrunner) released 2008 No.17
Dragonforce Ultra Beatdown (Roadrunner) released 2008 No.18
Machine Head The Blackening (Roadrunner) released 2007 No.16
certified Silver
Bullet For My Valentine The Poison (Visible Noise) released 2005 No.21
certified Gold
Nickelback All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner) released 2005 No. 2
double Platinum
Feeder Pushing The Senses (Echo) released 2005 No. 2
certified Gold
Tool Lateralus (Music For Nations) released 2006 No.16
certified Silver
Lostprophets Start Something (Visible Noise) released 2004 No. 4
certified Platinum
Bowling For Soup Drunk Enough To Dance (MFN) released 2003 No.14
certified Silver
Feeder Comfort In Sound (Echo) released 2002 No. 6
certified Platinum
Moloko Things To Make And Do (Echo) released 2000 No.3
certified Platinum


Nickelback Rock Star (Roadrunner) released 2008 No. 2
certified Platinum
Lostprophets Rooftops (Visible Noise) released 2006 No. 8
Lostprophets Last Train (Visible Noise) released 2005 No. 8
Michael Andrews ft Gary Jules Mad World (Sanctuary) released 2004 No.1
certified Platinum
Bowling For Soup Girl All The Bad Boys Want (MFN) released 2004 No. 8
Feeder Buck Rogers (Echo) released 2001 No. 5
Feeder Come Back Around (Echo) released 2001 No.14


Thunder, All You Can Eat (EarMusic) released 2016 No.1
Joe Bonamassa Beacon Theatre: Live from New York DVD (Provogue) released 2012 No.3
Black Country Communion Live Over Europe DVD (Mascot) released 2011 No.8
Joe Bonamassa Royal Albert Hall DVD (Provogue) released 2009 No.2
certified Gold